Square One Electric Motors can repair a wide range of single phase and three phase commercial and industrial equipment; from small, fractional horsepower to large, 2,500hp motors, both low and medium voltage.

Our full service shop features a mechanical department, motor rewind shop, and a  machine shop, all managed by experienced technicians.


As a proud EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) member, we use only the highest quality materials and perform thorough testing procedures on every piece of equipment that we touch.

Square One Electric Motors is also an authorized warranty service center for most brands.


Pickup and delivery service is available, as well as

24/7 Emergency Service. We have a live answering service that will take your call and notify us, even if it's 2AM.

Square One also offers Planned Maintenance Programs for your industrial needs. Keep on top of routine maintenance to help avoid equipment failure and lost production. We will evaluate and design a custom Planned Maintenance Program around your preventative maintenance needs.

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When we receive your equipment, our experienced service technicians perform incoming electrical and mechanical tests and inspections to determine the cause of failure. Standard procedures include:

  • Test run

  • Determine cause of failure

  • Windings and insulation testing
  • Mechanical parts & fits inspection

Immediately after inspection, we will send you a quote with the diagnosis, estimated lead time, and repair price.

If the repair cost is beyond or close to the price of a new units, we provide a quote for new replacement equipment. ​


No work is performed until you give approval.

If you decide not to repair the equipment it will be returned. If, however, you do not want it back, we send a Scrap Authorization form before disposal.

All work comes with a 1 year warranty.

Some equipment we service:


  • AC electric motors

  • DC electric motors​

  • Gearboxes / Reducers

  • Brakemotors

  • Gear Motors

  • Blowers / Fan Assemblies

  • UL Explosion Proof Motors

  • Pumps

  • Cooling Towers

  • Industrial Generators

  • Actuators

Click here for our Pumps Repair Page



From rewind to reconditioning, Square One's electrical department is fully equipped to service your equipment.

Winding is the process of replacing the copper in equipment. With DC Motors it is called armature windings; with AC motors it is stator (field) winding.

Some of the electrical department's testing includes:

  • Stator winding resistive imbalance

  • Stator winding insulation resistance (Meg-Ohm checks)

  • Polarization Index (PI)

  • Step Voltage test

  • Surge test


Square One strives to exceed quality standards for optimum performance and energy savings:

  • Inverter duty wire is used in everything we wind, so your equipment will hold up to VFD demands.

  • The motor's core iron is checked before installing new materials to ensure that the unit is reliable.

  • Redesign services are available to increase the performance of electric motors.

  • Everything is wound with high quality Class H materials.


Square One's machine shop allows us to keep work in-house, resulting in high quality, fast turnaround, and lower prices.

Vibration and misalignment are common causes of wear to motor housings (end bells) and shafts. Our crew is experienced with correcting the damage so that your equipment will give you long-lasting performance.

​Our machine services include:

  • Spray Welding

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Custom Shafts

  • Sandblasting

  • Keyway Repair

  • Metalizing

  • 100 Ton Horizontal Press

  • Sleeve Endbells

  • Milling

  • Drilling And Tapping



Imbalance is the source of lots of evil in rotating equipment. Stay ahead of it with regular vibration analysis and dynamic balancing.


Dynamic balancing makes corrections to the mass distribution of your fan, centrifugal blower, shaft, or flywheel. Reducing the vibration extends equipment life.


If your rotating equipment is large or difficult to remove, we will come to your facility to perform dynamic balancing on-site.


The advantage of on-site balancing is that it allows compensation for assembly tolerances, gears, couplings, and other components that influence the equipment, not to mention that it allows operations to resume immediately.

Click to visit our Field Service Page

Benefits of Dynamic Balancing:   

  • Minimize Vibration

  • Fewer shutdowns

  • Longer bearing life

  • Extend machine life

  • Reduce structural stress

  • Improve workplace safety

  • Lower noise

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